Hello guys i would like to present to you our new project Grand Opening at
25th Of May
7:00 PM Gmt (+02)

& Listen your likes and what you love from Legacy Golden age!

Despite many MU private servers attempts, not many actually fulfilled players needs.
After 4 years of development, LegacyMY provides you the adventure that you always
dreamed of, as it was just before the The new Bot/Helpers seasons, a golden age for most players.
LegacyMu was created by Couple of friends and we are trying to bring out the best for the oldschool Lovers of MuOnline.
Legacy Mu is a Free-To-Play Global Role-Play-Game with community in all over the World! Legacy Mu Online designed the game to make our players to Experience the Real and Original Mu Online Gameplay, with No-Resets at all.
Which means that PvP & PvM are very Challenging and Balancing!
In addition Real Mu Online focusing on based Economy which gives very high value to Zen & Rare Jewels.
We are using a very strong antihack to keep the game stable & Protected

Our website has Item shop. This is not a F.O Server Players can only (Donate to support the server)
Low Sets Max 2 opt + Level +9 so the players need to upgrade them In - Game
Website Shop Will not be released on the first Week of the server

[Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]

Processor Speed: 2.6
Connection: 1 Gbps
Server Location: France
Hosted By: OVH

*Auto Laucher Updater without Req New patch Downloads*

Server Information :

*Version Season 2 Full*
*Experience : 10x*
*Drop Rate : 20%*
*Max Level : 400*
*Points Per level : 5/7*
*Excellent Drop : Default*

*Magic Gladiator : 220*
*Dark Lord : 250*

*Jewel of Bless No Luck : 65%*
*Jewel of Bless With luck : 100% *
*Jewel of Soul No Luck : 65%*
*Jewel of soul with luck : 85%*

*Combine +10 = 85%*
*Combine +11 = 80%*
*Combine +12 = 60%*
*Combine +13 = 55%*

*Wings lvl 2 max success rate: 90%*
*Dark Horse combination success rate: 60%*
*Dark Spirit combination success rate: 60%*

*Legacy - MU economy is based on Zen & Rare Jewels*
*Jewels can be found as game rewards by Heart of Love/Medals & by killing random monsters*

*First basic skills for each class*
*Classic Low Sets & Weapons*

*Kundun boss spawn time 6 Hours*
*Kanturu Event spwn time 6 Hours*
*Red Dragon event spawn time 3 Hours*
*Chaos Castle event spawn time 1 Hour*
*Blood Castle event spawn time 2 Hour*
*Devil Square event spawn time 2 Hour*
*White wizzard event spawn time 1 Hour*
*Skeleton King event spawn time 2 Hours*
*Golden Invasion event spawn time 2 Hours*
*Castle Siege every Satturday 19:00 Server time*
*Crywolf event everyday spawn time 12 Hours*

*Box Of Kundun +1 = Low Category Exc Items *
*Box Of Kundun +2 = Low Category Exc Items *
*Box Of Kundun +3 = Low Category Exc Items*
*Box Of Kundun +4 = Medium Category Exc Items*
*Box Of Kundun +4 = Rare Category Exc Items*

*Golden Monsters*
*2 Golden Goblin in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+1)*
*3 Golden Titan in Devias1/2/3 (Box+2)*
*3 Golden Dragon in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+3)*
*5 Golden Lizard King in Atlans1/2/3 (Box+4)*
*5 Golden Tantalos in Tarkan1/2 (Box+5)*

*[Main Commands]*
*/pkclear - clears PK stats for 5.000.000 Zen*
*/post - Chat on the global post for 1.000.000 Zen*

*/addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd (Max 200 Points*
*Use your level points and add stats without clicking*

*[General Commands]*
*/GuildWar - Start a guild war with any guild*
*/battlesoccer GuildName - Start soccer fight with any one*
*/alliance - Create alliance with another guilds*

Server Links & Media
Website: [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]
Forum: [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]
Facebook: [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]
Server Pictures:

For questions regarding the server Feel free to Reply Here or our forums.
We will be happy to see you in-game!