Hello. (Dear HEROES!)

here is a full database with all content from up until the only private server (Dragon Legend) was shut down due to a DMCA last week. Includes: mobs, items, drops, etc... all you need.

Not every item on Hero Plus USA or Korea will be included, but you can use this DB to understand their.tbl structure and add that content yourself.
To setup the server emulator, please refer to the instructions on Syntax Gaming's github. Takes about 15min to setup a working local server, but note that you will NEED to make changes before compiling the server emulator (exp & drop rate, IP, and possible other environment variables).

Instructions: use DB client and import the file.

DOWNLOAD LINK [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ] *users table, the password must be inserted with SHA256 encryption

Server emulator: source code can be found HERE ([Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ])

Client: see comments as I won't provide it. You can use any HERO client but you need to change server.ini to connect to your server (most likely localhost)

I look forward to seeing new server start up soon and hopefully more customization.

Best Regards, Shadow