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    Avatar de Mr.TwoHam
    Data de Ingresso
    Sep 2009
    Microsoft ®
    Peso da Avaliação

    Padrão TitansTech GS-N [10.09.12] / GS-CS[10.09.03] SCFExDB Cracked

    TitansTech GS-N [10.09.12] / GS-CS[10.09.03] SCFExDB Cracked
    [UPDATE: 30/06/2011]

    Este é um novo Release crackeado da antiga SCFMT, agora Titans Tech...
    Estarei disponibilizando e prestando suporte, limitando-me a somente configuração do servidor!
    Qual problema faça um poste que tentarei ajudar...
    Até o momento tudo que sei, segundo o bet0x, é que os arquivos não funcionam no Windows 7, porém segundo uma imagem postada por NetBerry, contrapos a paralavra do bet0x... Como não estou usando não posso dar minha palavra!

    - ChangeLog


    . [Event] Hide And Seek Event with random positions
    . [Event] Hide And Seek Event with bot Added (you can add much locations and reward they are random)
    . [Shops] Added feature that if user sells items to store and has max zen, can still sell to store
    . [Character] Added system feature that if user selling item goes over max zen it corrects it
    . [Quest] Fixed Seson 5 error with Zen overflow...
    . [Event] Added [CastleStateSync] logline for STATE check to trace some errors in Synch process
    . [Gens] Fixed error during Guild Union, if no Gens, guild should be able to join union anyways
    . [Skill] Reset System require energy formula fixed
    . [Event] Castle Siege During Registration list of guilds not shown
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue drops more than one ball FIX
    . [Event] CryWolf state save in database missing (WZ_CW_InfoSave: iMapSvrGroup, iCrywolfState, iOccupationState)
    . [Event] During CryWolf start, warp all in the map to the city
    . [Event] During CryWolf start, do not allow anyone to leave the city
    . [Event] During CryWolf start, no monsters on the map should be able to be killed
    . [Skill] Berserker skill life restore fix after skill ends
    . [NPC] After talking to Guardsman npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [NPC] After talking to Double Goer npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [NPC] After talking to Imperial Guardian npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [NPC] After talking to Illusion Temple npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [NPC] After talking to Kanturu Gate npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [Skill] Berserker skill time fix (limited the skill time to a set number)
    . [Skill] Berserker skill Wizardy attack damage fix (limited the multiplier)
    . [Skill] Berserker skill attack damage fix (only wizardy affected)
    . [Skill] Berserker skill mana increase/life decrease fix
    . [Skill] Damage from summoner book skills gets cancelled if distance is further then skill reach
    . [BotTrader] Item Result Serialized
    . [GensPvP] Added SCFGensWinPointsIfRivalDoesntHavePoints Option
    . [BotAlchemist] Added Exc Max Option
    . [Item] 3rd Wings damage return probability option fixed
    . [Skill] Books attack damage affects SD now
    . [Skill] Life drain skill for summoner FIX/CHANGE of formula
    . [Event] Illusion Temple, when enter in event, party list names are wrong
    . [Event] Illusion Temple, when enter with party, party doesnt cancell bug
    . [Event] Illusion Temple all the members of the temple appear in the party
    . [Event] Illusion Temple monsters removed once fireball has been secured/dropped to pedestal
    . [Event] Illusion Temple monsters show up only after fire ball has been taken
    . [Event] Halloween PK Event - Enable/Dissable in Each Map
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add minimum players count check when event running (end even if other team forfeits)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add minimal counter of players online for entrance (return ticket on fail)
    . [Event] Kanturu date start calculation formula fix
    . [Event] Illusion Temple monsters should drop potions and zen (add itembag with nonset zen ammount)
    . [BotTrader] Mix cant put 2 or more THE SAME items FIX
    . [Event] Fixed DoubleGoer Golden Treasure Drop Much Items
    . [Server] Cant add Seed Sphere Fire Attack/Wizardry increase FIX
    . [Server] Fixed Water Increase defense success rate 10% Socket Options
    . [Server] Fixed Water Increase defense shield by 7% Socket Options
    . [Server] Fixed Ice Increase Durabilty in 30% Socket Options
    . [Server] Fixed Wind Increase maximum life 4% Socket Options
    . [Server] Fixed Wind Increase maximum mana 4% Socket Options
    . [Server] Reset ClearSkills = 0 FIXED
    . [Packet] Fixed player/monster die packet when killed with certain skill
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add BC style sync function to the engine
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add variables for total score calculation in ranking
    . [Event] Illusion Temple none of the members of the temple can cancell party
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue breaks when dialog bar finishes
    . [Event] Illusion Temple 0xBF, 0x02 skill packet length FIX
    . [Skill] Illusion Temple missing skill: IL_ORDER_OF_SHIELD
    . [Event] Illusion Temple do not allow party in temporary waiting room
    . [Event] Illusion Temple total bonus experience calculation change (prevent farming)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple when statue broken, the spark is dropped and not given to a player
    . [Event] Illusion Temple skills do not have proper visual effects
    . [Event] Illusion Temple player kill = 5 points (config)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple monster kill = 2 points (config)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple using teleport skill gives you 100% shield as well (less time)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple cancel any party when warping to temporary room
    . [Event] Illusion Temple cant attack oponent if its Non-PK Server
    . [Event] Illusion Temple only player from the winning team gets a chance of his fernir update FIX
    . [Event] Illusion Temple missing proper view of the Failure/Success packet
    . [Event] Illusion Temple when player is killed, he should reappear with invincible shield skill
    . [Event] Illusion Temple NPC room listing shows wrong number of players inside
    . [Event] Illusion Temple random team start implemented when first player entering
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add overflow check on var kill_points
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add default start points for skills to config (def: 10)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple points for monster kills add in config file (def: 1)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple points for player kills add in config file (def: 2)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add variable for extra EXP at the end of event per each kill
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add variable for max winning points to stop event (def: 7)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple removed MaxPlayer variable, constant is 10
    . [Event] Recoded Experience calculation at the ranking message for Illusion Temple
    . [Server] MonsterPosition reload, reloads Illusion Temple timer
    . [Server] Option Reload does not reload Illusion Temple info
    . [NPC] After talking to Lucky Coins npc and cancelling the dialog, player needs to relogin
    . [Server] All Players have GM Globe in Illusion Temple and Castle Siege when GM its in event FIX
    . [Class] Add fruits have visual bug
    . [Map] Add gRegenRect coordinates to new maps added in Season 6
    . [CastleSiege] Horse Skill on DL does not PUSH people away from the attacker
    . [Event] Recoded Experience calculation at the ranking message for Illusion Temple
    . [Skill] Illusion Temple added 100% damage absorb skill functionality
    . [Skill] Illusion Temple missing original skill packets
    . [Skill] Illusion Temple skills crash GS
    . [Event] Illusion Temple changed rand on statue positioning to be more unpredictable
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add points for monster kills
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Mass Move outside on event end, has error
    . [Event] Illusion Temple player sort has error if room is full (array overflow)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple give EXP for each player killed
    . [Event] Illusion Temple when player gets killed, he looses his inventory
    . [Event] Illusion Temple when player gets killed, he looses his skin
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add minimal counter of players online for extra presents
    . [Event] Illusion Temple top 3 players get extra jewels (1st = bless, 2nd = soul, 3rd extra chaos)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add minimal counter of players online for Fernir Upgrade
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add extra EXP for each player kill (add variable to config)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple give EXP for each Ball dropped off (add variable to config)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple winning prize should be dropped beside the user, not put in inventory
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Mass Move to start point and close gate on finish event
    . [Event] Illusion Temple portals crash main when used
    . [Event] Illusion Temple remove fireball from user after time runs out
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed skins for RED and BLUE team (they were reversed)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple upper corner has wrong statue direction
    . [Event] Illusion Temple FireBall ViewSkill State remain shown on player when drop fireball
    . [Event] Illusion Temple missing coordinates of the team members
    . [Event] Illusion Temple kill points occumulated not for team but for each player
    . [Event] Illusion Temple kill point overflow check added
    . [Event] Illusion Temple FireBall ViewSkill State not shown on player when get fireball
    . [Server] Account stuck in GS FIX
    . [Server] Season 6 Elf Wings Lvl 2 in selection screen FIX
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 122 Item: 13,128 Statuette of falcon => Critical damage +10%
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 123 Item: 13,129 Statuette of a goat => Excellent Damage +10%
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 124 Item: 13,130 Amulet of Oak => Maximum life +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 125 Item: 13,131 Amulet board => Maximum mana +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 126 Item: 13,132 Amulet golden oak => Max HP +100 / Max SD +500
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 127 Item: 13,133 Golden Amulet board => Maximum mana +150 / Max AG +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 128 Item: 13,134 Horseshoe spends => Increased drop rate of items
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 99 Item: 13,81 Talisman of Guardian => No penalty for dying.
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 100 Item: 13,82 Talisman of Item Protection => Keeps item durable
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 44 Item: 14,72 Scroll of Quickness => Attack speed increase +15
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 45 Item: 14,73 Scroll of Defense => Defensibility increase +60
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 46 Item: 14,74 Scroll of Wrath => Attack power increase +30
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 47 Item: 14,75 Scroll of Wizardry => Wizardry increase +30
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 48 Item: 14,76 Scroll of Health => HP increase +200
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 49 Item: 14,77 Scroll of Mana => Mana increase +300
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 50 Item: 14,78 Elixir of Strength => Strength Status +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 51 Item: 14,79 Elixir of Agility => Agility Status +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 52 Item: 14,80 Elixir of Health => Health Status +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 53 Item: 14,81 Elixir of Energy => Energy Status +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 54 Item: 14,82 Elixir of Control => Control Status +50
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 89 Item: 14,97 Scroll of Battle => Critical damage increase at 20%
    . [Item] Add Visual ID: 90 Item: 14,98 Scroll of Strength => Excellent damage increase at 20%
    . [Event] Illusion Temple when enter the temp room and warp outside, illusion thinks u still inside
    . [Event] Illusion Temple should warp you to the room and Wait 30 Seconds Before opening Gate
    . [Event] Illusion Temple manual warp outside of the event will keep player looking like the skin
    . [Event] Illusion Temple should show your ORIGINAL skin when warped to the temporary room


    . [Gens] Close Map System Added
    . [Item] Added Shuffle function to ItemDropRate loader, to make item drop more random
    . [Item] Added VipRate to SCF_ItemDropRate.txt for VIP users drop rate adjustment
    . [Server] Added log view lines for the Ancient Sets application
    . [Server] Added fix for unusual situations with ERROR_HOST_UNREACHABLE error
    . [Monster] Skill ID over 100 visual attack FIX
    . [Event] Double Goer, fixed posion catapilars appearing next to the box position
    . [Event] Double Goer, catapilar should not respawn when killed FIX
    . [Event] Double Goer, when boss is killed, boxes appear next to the killed BOSS
    . [EventBags] If Zen ammount is set to 0, box does not drop any zen implementation
    . [GMSystem] Added "/goevent TYPE ID" to SCF_Commands.ini to launch events from eventmanager by GM
    . [GMSystem] Fixed logs for personal messages, general talk and post messages
    . [Logs] Added "SCFWritePMLog", "SCFWriteMSGLog" to SCF_Connect.ini
    . [DS] Still error on DS EXEC WZ_CS_GetGuildMarkRegInfo 0, 'GMCSTEST????Replay' << Must Be GMCSTEST
    . [Event] Fixed CastleSiege interface when warping there from another server
    . [Event] Fixed CryWolf interface when joining the event that just started
    . [ChaosCard] Move all Chaos Card logs to CBMIX log where they should be
    . [GMSystem] Added extra log features to the GM system (Trade from GM in gm log, chat messages)
    . [Items] Added new options for drop between socket items with 1 or more socket and no sockets
    . [Anti-Hack] Add move/walk player antihack, if walk location is bigger than 15 => teleport to base
    . [Character] Moved all configuration for character from SCF_Common => SCF_Character
    . [Character] Recoded all formula settings separately for each class
    . [Character] Added level requirement for MagicGladiator and DarkLord to SFC_Character.ini
    . [CBMix] Fixed overflow for success rate on 'ChaosSuccessRate' variable
    . [Config] Fixed load of SCFIncreaseFFFFFFFFSerialDurDownBy (SCF_Items.ini)
    . [Server] CloseClient(int index) => added => ResponErrorCloseClient(index); for socket error fix
    . [Event] Castle Deep regular monster eventitem bag change (if zen 0 = proceed to normal mob drop)
    . [Event] Castle Siege the protecting guild, once looses its crown cant operate switches
    . [Event] Castle Siege changed the JoinSide definition of involved guild in source
    . [Event] Castle Siege added [CastleSiege][ChangeWinner] to log for trace behaviour
    . [Event] Castle Siege changed behaviour of [CastleSiege][Defending]
    . [Event] Castle Siege changed behaviour of [CastleSiege][NonCS]
    . [Event] Castle Siege changed behaviour of [CastleSiege] CCastleSiege::SetUserCsJoinSide()
    . [Event] Castle Siege Cannon Tower can not be destroyed FIX
    . [Event] Raklion Event spider eggs added to non-moving mobs
    . [Anti-Cheat] DC hack fixed by checking player packets count with pingTime
    . [Anti-Cheat] Say stuff for other users fix (Check on received player ID)
    . [Command] Added define variable for test command '/effect'


    . [Berserker] Multiples Fixes
    . [Server] No more arguments
    . [Duel] Min Level Option Added
    . [Marry] Trace Marry Min Level Added
    . [BotTrader] Excellent Item Fix
    . [Marry] Cant trace marry to other gens close map
    . [Gens] Close Map System Map Warp On Login and on Event Finish Fix
    . [Events] On monster delition added check to ALL EVENTS if its the monster with proper ID and Map Number
    . [Server] Cleaned CS related variables, to make memory consumption less
    . [Server] Moved Guardian and Mercenary to the GSCS definitions only
    . [Event] Halloween Event will work on nonPVP servers as well once its started
    . [Event] Fixed the issue with defending guild being able to hold switches
    . [Event] Fixed CharacterView for Halloween PK event
    . [Event] Double Goer, fied delition of wrong monsters when boxes are opened
    . [Move] Fixed warping to CryWolf from another server (If protected, brings player straight to the city)


    . [Server] Crash and optimizations.
    . [Server] Item Drop with Socket Options FIX
    . [Server] Vip Extra Exp FIX
    . [Skill] Drain Life FIX
    . [Berserker] Remaked
    . [BotPet] Cant invoke BotPet when you have a Summon Monster FIX
    . [Skill] Elf Summon Monster FIX

    - Downloads:

    [MU] Server:

    [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ] --- MUServer Full Pack [10.09.03] Crack By Pinkof

    [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ] --- GS-N [10.09.12] Crack & Unpack By Plasma32

    [MU] Cliente Full:


    Senha : [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]

    - Crash, Bugs...:

    Crash Commands[10.09.12]:
    005410AA   .  68 34D85F00   PUSH GameServ.005FD834                   ;  ASCII "/13s1518"
    00541123   .  68 28D85F00   PUSH GameServ.005FD828                   ;  ASCII "/gret547"
    * Para Resolver: Abra o GS-N[10.09.12] com um editor de Hex ou OllyDbg e mude o nome das strings dos comandos para um nome que somente vc saiba!

    - Créditos:

    - Pinkof - Crack GS/GS-CS [10.09.03]
    - Plasma32 - Crack And Unpack GS-N [10.09.12]
    - Titans Tech - For files
    - WebZen
    Última edição por Mr.TwoHam; 30-06-2011 às 01:15 PM.

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    Avatar de Jeferson_Arlon
    Data de Ingresso
    Oct 2009
    Curitiba - PR
    Peso da Avaliação


    Da pra fazer um Mirror ? Já faz mais de duas horas que ta;
    O arquivo que você está tentando acessar está temporariamente indisponível. Tente novamente mais tarde.
    Do MuServer =)
    ArcadeMu - Em Breve

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    Avatar de doidoh
    Data de Ingresso
    Jun 2011
    Peso da Avaliação


    Aqui diz que ta corrompido.. (baixei com acelerador)

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    Avatar de Mr.TwoHam
    Data de Ingresso
    Sep 2009
    Microsoft ®
    Peso da Avaliação


    CTRL + F5 que sai disso...
    Não farei Mirrors!

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    Avatar de clepson
    Data de Ingresso
    Nov 2010
    rio de janeiro
    Peso da Avaliação


    client off mano arruma plisss

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    Avatar de Erick-Master
    Data de Ingresso
    Jul 2010
    Lorencia :D
    Peso da Avaliação


    É, Plasma32 voltou com tudo.
    Ta creckeando os files da SCFMuTeam direto...

    SCF continua colocando bugs e crash command nos GS, sem falar nos traps...
    Geral é maluco e usar estes files, não presta, bugs e mais bugs.

    O trabalho que tive pra fazer o Socket System no meu item parser por causa desse GS fdp.
    Socket System custom/lixo é foda..

    Good Luck a quem for usar...

    Erick-Master - CTM TEAM Softwares



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