Olá pessoal, apresento meu novo private server.
Lançado hoje: 29/04
AION - LK Games.
Versão: 2.7
Suporte para o cliente:

Group XP:5x/10x/20x
Crafting EXP:1x/4x/7x
Ap.player PVE/PVP:1x/3x/4x

Changelog do emulador usado:
Aion client version 2.7
Characters creation
Player stats
Player cube expansion
Items use works fine (you can us all kind of pots and food etc.)
Lvl up and exp rates are compatible
Merchants, Brokers ,Personal Shops are working fine
Monsters attak and movement is correct
Flight Teleport
Normal Teleport
Player pvp system
Player duel system
Trade between players
Looting system
Enchant System (manastones,goodstones etc gives corrcet stats)
Personal warehouses
Account warehouses
Legion system (with all new titles and remodeled clothes)
Items Remodeling
Weapon Fusion System
Set Items Bonuses
Fortress works
PvP in abyss is possible
Plyer Sikills (skillbooks all woking correctly)
Rift system
Group system (alliance included)
100% of Campain Quets is Working but 95% is Retail Like
90% of Normal Quests Woking
Windstreams Works
Pet System
Low lvl instances working almost reatail like work on others is in progress
Essoterance Instance working fine (quests for it in progress)
Filight time , correct gliding and fly rings working
100% spawns from 2.5 but 70% of Npcs spawn and walkers are retail like (still work in progress)
Cosmetics Tickets working (hair change etc.)
Motions working (books)
Emotions working(books)
100% of normal drops but 80% of Bosses Drops are ratail like (work in progress)

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