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    Apr 2012
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    Padrão MUCore 1.0.8 , Decrypt , 100% , English version.

    I've decided to provide mucore decrypted, the hase had saved quite a while but I see that there is no case to continue storing it.

    Note: eh took me kindly to decrypt the 1.0.8 mucore phpcore eh seen as contributing andanr a version that brings a lot of things that are not in the real mucore purchased to avoid problems or fights, I leave the decrypted version so they can edit to your liking what you want.My respects to the set, I take kindly to decrypt and saw another group of developers left a version which contained shells.

    words of the creator PHPCORE(=MASTER=):

    We are excited to announce the release of MUCore 1.0.8. If you have an active MUCore update license, you can download update of MUCore 1.0.8 from the MUCore Updates Section.

    What’s New in MUCore 1.0.8

    • [Fixed] [Lost Password] Image Verification show if reCAPTCHA™ was set
    • (New) [Website] "Go back" cache, now you can press go back button without to lose any filled up form data
    • (New) [Admin CP] Number of hours have been increased on Cron Jobs side.
    • (New) [Webserver] CPU and RAM usage reduced by 40%
    • (New) [Login System] Lag free improved. No more SQL queries need.
    • (New) [Castle Siege Module]



    Download Links:

    [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]

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