opa, dia 30 agora vai abrir um servidor novo de lineage 2 interlude. caso se interessar em chama a galera que conhecer fico grato!

Come play and enjoy here in L2Begins
OPENING 30/11/2013 18:00 PM (UTC -03:00) Brasília
- Chronicle: Interlude (C6)
- Main Town Rune
- Rates: Exp: 500x / Sp: 500x / Adena: 800x / Drop: 1x / Quest: 50x
- New Char Start 2kkk Adena and Lvl 1 in Custom Area with mob killing and goes to maximum level
- All items make In game [Easy Farm]
- No unique item for Donation
- Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant Armor/Weapon: +10/+16
- Geodata Active
- Anti-Bot
- Balanced server without corruption in PVP
- Don't lose buffs when dies
- None penalty of Grade or Clan
- Items Custom Armor TT and Tattoo (Retail Status)
- Skills/Classes tested
- No Augmentation Skills
- Auto learn skills
- 1º, 2º and 3º Jobs Doesn't Need Quest
- SubClass FREE Without Quest
- 26 Buff slots
- NPC Buffer Full Buffs Without Hot Spring Buffs, Summon Buffs and Resists
- AIO Buffer Full Buffs
- Auto Loot
- Auto Pick Up Items
- Offline Shop
- Boss Barakiel, retail areas, time of birth of 3 in 3 hour and 30 minutes random.
- Olympiad System: 15 in 15 days starting from January
- Area GrandBoss Drop Jewels, Clan Skills, Blesseds Scrolls and Custom Armor TT, time of birth of 6 in 6 hours and 30 minutes random
- Automatic Events in Game
- Community respectful, server with rigid rules and without corruption!

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[Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]