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Quick Notice
BETA is now ended and the Official server launched 5th April 2010...
The DataBase is new, clean and offers a fair, fresh start for everyone willing to join this fantastic, longterm server.
Please note that there are NO Wipes from now on (Wipe Possibilities were only during BETA Versions).

About the server
Blades Of Ateria is a Free-2-Play Lineage 2 MMORPG Private Server operated by Dboyz Interactive and powered by L2DC software.
Our Development Team's website is [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ] , server changelogs can be found there.

As Lineage II players ourselves, we got tired of all the buggy servers, most never being updated and with constant server downtimes and account wipes....

We Give You this unique opportunity to join this dedicated, fun, longterm and quality Lineage II server!
We update the server frequently and never wipe the server, nor shut it down. Unless the world goes under of course which is highly undoubtful.

Are you tired of all those servers out there saying they got everything working, and always turning out to be very buggy?
Are you tired of server staff members and even admins being unprofessional with their L2 Server?

Then This Server is right for You!
We have probably one of the most developped servers with highly retail-like features.
We have almost everything to Hellbound working, however we do run on Gracia Epilogue version.

"Our goal is to have Free-2-Play games for everyone to play on. With quality bug free servers."

Quick Server Details:

Server Details
Every Monday at 11:59pm UTC.
Backups done twice a day and also week backups on server update.

|----- Evilus / DonThompson: System Administrator, Developper
|----- Megatron: Head GM
|----- MrSale: Event GM
|----- Josh: Support GM


|----- Version : Gracia Epilogue
|----- XP/ SP : x8/10
|----- Adena : x8
|----- Drop : x9
|----- Spoil : x8
|----- Manor : x1
|----- Mercenary Guard Price : x12
|----- Fishing : x5

|----- QuestsRewardQIBased : 3
|----- QuestsAdenaReward : 6
|----- QuestsAdenaRewardQIBased : 3
|----- QuestsAccessoryReward : 1
|----- QuestsAccessoryRewardQIBased : 3
|----- QuestsArmorReward : 1
|----- QuestsArmorRewardQIBase2 : 3
|----- QuestsWeaponReward : 1
|----- QuestsWeaponRewardQIBased : 3
|----- QuestsRewardXP : 6
|----- QuestsRewardXPQIBased : 3
|----- QuestsRewardSP : 6
|----- QuestsRewardSPQIBased : 3

|----- Territory Wars
|----- Kamaloka
|----- Single Kamaloka
|----- Pailaka
|----- Labyrinths of Abyss
|----- Nornil’s Garden
|----- Dark Cloud Mansion
|----- Crystal Caverns with Lahm
|----- Hellbound 99% retail like until lvl 10 with quests for Dynasty recipes and parts
|----- Coming Soon: Hellbound Towers
|----- Coming Soon: Beleth
|----- First Rough support for the new Gracia Zone with working flying transformations
|----- All the mobs (stats, skills and droplists) updated to Gracia Final, updating to Gracia Epilogue
|----- All the skills with reuses, hit times and powers updated to Gracia Final, updating to Gracia Epilogue
|----- All skill enchant % 100% retail like with the new Gracia Epilogue Skill Enchant System
|----- All the skill enchants up to Gracia Epilogue
|----- Gracia Epilogue Mail System
|----- All the shirts and talismans working
|----- Retail HP Bonus on armor enchant over +4
|----- Jewel Augmentation
|----- Subclass Skill System
|----- Fame system
|----- PvP Weapons & Armors
|----- Masterwork Weapons
|----- Masterwork Armors
|----- Elemental System with Elemental skill enchants
|----- All the fortresses and castles sieges working
|----- All the castle and fortress functions working (Wyvern Mananger, Epaulette Drop & Exchange -for items and talismans-, Improved Shirts, Clan Gate)
|----- Battle Arena (TvT event) every 30 minutes, whit random battle mode (DeathMatch or Last Man Standing)
|----- Aden & Rune Clan Halls Pet Exchange
|----- Improved Pets 99% like retail

And of course...
|----- All the Grand Bosses (Baium with Archangels, Frintezza included, Antharas with minions)
|----- Cursed Weapons
|----- Retail like olympiads
|----- Olympiad anti-farm system
|----- Updated Seven Signs and Festival of Darkness
|----- Clan until lvl 10
|----- Clan and Residental skills
|----- Boats & Fishing
|----- Newbie Helper
|----- Fixed Kamaels

|----- Retail Events (Trick or Transmutation, Master of Enchanting etc)
|----- Anti Bot System
|----- Vitality System with Retail Formula
|----- Retail Success and Safe Enchant / Max Enchant: +16
|----- Retail-like login protection

|----- Weight Limit: x2
|----- Auto Loot (Auto Pickup)
|----- Box limitation currently to 4 boxes


|----- 10 seconds Spawn Protection
|----- Olympiad Anti-Feeding Protection
|----- TvT Event, every 1h 30 min
|----- Offline Trade. Set your private store and click "Exit"
|----- Trade zones around all NPC, where you can set private store only on certain distance from any NPC
|----- Trade zones around all private stores, where you can set private store only on certain distance of another private store
|----- Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon auto announcement, indicating their spawn points
|----- Shift-Click in game, provides you a basic drop/spoil list
|----- Wedding Event.
|----- .exp command do disable exp/sp gain(good for spoilers)
|----- .hellbound to check what trust level HB is
|----- .tvt to check how many players are registered in tvt
|----- .spoilmsg to disable/enable msg for party
|----- .stats to check stats for L2DC engine if you have any .engage , .divorce, .gotolove all for wedding kinda says itself what they do

|----- Many retail-like events, every 1-2 months

More Information
Blades Of Ateria is an International low rate, Lineage 2 Private Server.
Our rates are x8 and the game is as close as possible to retail with some unique custom features which make the game easier and more fun to play.

Gameserver software is self-developed and has nothing to do with L2Off or L2j Emulators, other than it was started by L2j. Our community is truly international with players from all over the globe and we are really proud of it.

Important Notices
|----- Make sure you agree and know of the server rules.
|----- Playing on our server is a privilege, not a right.
|----- Please vote every day, it's the least you can do for the time and money we spend for and on the server.
|----- Consider donating even small amounts to support us and receive Reward Points

Funds, Donations & Rewards Policy
All you need to know about this can be found by following this link: [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]

Thank you,
- Dboyz Interactive, Inc.