Server Rates:

Server Files Ex901 Premium Files
Xp Rate: 10x
Drop Rate: 30x
Reset lvl : 400
Reset Points : 350
Max Resets: 20
Master Reset: Online
Spot 5/6 Mobs
Shop GMO
Staff 60% time online
No Webshop
No free itens
No Fo itens
All Basic Events
Map Acheron
Imperial Fortress
Golden Colossus Summoner (Style GMO, Drop Wings Angel and Devil) (Hot!!)
All Elemental Working (Hot!!)
Reconnect System (Hot)
Party Find System (Hot)
Muun Pet full Working (Hot)
Reconnect Party (Hot)
And More

Open 12 September at 14:30 (-3 GMT)
Website: [Somente usuários registrados podem vem os links. ]

All Account Beginners Receive 400 Wcoin !!